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New mothers deserve as much care and comfort as they can get. Amidst all the excitement and happiness that comes after nine months of pregnancy, new moms are too occupied to think about themselves. However, postnatal women require lots of care and attention to rebuild their strength. This is where Profiklen comes in


Profiklen is a revolutionary feminine and postnatal health and hygiene brand in India, aimed at providing comfortable and high-quality intimate hygiene products that are designed keeping daily and postpartum needs of women in mind. 

At Profiklen, we understand the challenges that women and new mothers face when it comes to personal intimate care and make your health and well-being our priority. Our products are tailored to address your needs and give you a smooth and comfortable experience.

Our Range of Products

Profiklen provides a wide range of top-quality sanitary and personal hygiene products for women, especially new mothers, all over India. Here’s what we offer:

Profiklen Maternity Pad

Comfort is necessary for every new mother and Profiklen Maternity Pads make all the difference. With Profiklen Maternity Pads, you can be relieved of postpartum period worries and spend more time bonding with your little one.

Profiklen Maternity Pads are soft, breathable, antibacterial, and cushioned pads with super absorption capacity and larger surface area that allows maximum protection. They are designed to provide the safety and care that you need to protect your delicate skin.

Profiklen Heavy Flow Pads Sanitary Pads

Profiklen Heavy Flow Sanitary Pads give you the kind of protection you can always count on. Designed for women suffering from medium to heavy flow periods and for times tougher than usual, Profiklen Heavy Flow Sanitary Pads provide an absorption of 750ml – as much as 3 regular sanitary napkins.

The pads are gentle, soft, antibacterial, and free from chlorine and toxins, reducing skin irritation issues. The adequate sizing and high absorption capacity prevent leakage, making them ideal for heavy flow nights, PCOD, and menopause.

Profiklen Daily Panty Liner

Sometimes, there are those gloomy non-period days when you face light vaginal discharge and incontinence. Profiklen Daily Panty Liners are designed to keep you clean, dry, and carefree during those lighter days.

Profiklen Daily Painty Liners are the best solution for daily hygiene and protection. With super absorbent polymers, soft cotton layer, and leakage protection, they give you a cleanliness, comfort, and confidence, keeping you fresh and carefree all day.

Profiklen Disposable Pad Fixator/Panty

Wearing normal panties might get uncomfortable after childbirth. Profiklen Disposable Pad Fixator/Panty is a convenient way to hold pads during the post-delivery period where you need comfort and air circulation for quick healing.

Profiklen Disposable Pad Fixators are smartly designed with a soft and stretchable waist band. Its breathable material offers good aeration. protects against infections, and reduces constriction, itching, odour, and pain. They are gentle to your skin and ensure maximum levels of comfort.

Why Profiklen ?

At Profiklen, we ensure that every product is

Perfectly Designed

A perfect fit for the perfect Indian woman.

Super Absorbent

With 7 layers of protection.

Soft & Comfortable

Some extra love and care for your skin.


Safety for your body and for the earth.


Say no to rashes, and yes to maximum comfort.

Clean & Convenient

For your health, hygiene, and carefree living.

Over the years, Profiklen has become a name synonymous with safety, hygiene, and reliability. We hold your good health at the highest value and are the one feminine and postnatal personal hygiene brand that you can always rely on for your comfort.

We are committed to creating maternity pads and intimate hygiene products that are comfortable, hygienic, biodegradable, and effective – ensuring that you live life with a confident and carefree attitude.

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Amazon Reviews

Bimal B.
10 October 2020

The best sanitary pads for post pregnancy chumps. Size wise perfect and super soft and comfortable.
I would strongly recommend these to all the pregnant females. Stock these in your maternity bag as a must have.

10 October 2020
This is the best maternity pads for heavy to normal flow after delivery for first 3 days. Soft, comfortable, size is also very big so one at a time can be used. 3 per day is enough for heavy flow. I Highly recommend this pads. Delivery was also free of cost n prompt.. I got it on time. 5 star for this product. Nurses in hospital also appreciated these pads after my delivery.
Gargee Sen
10 October 2020

It is so comfy, soft and cushion like to the sore area down there. Does its job during the initial days of postpartum heavy flow. A must buy.


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