Reasons for heavy bleeding during periods

Menstruation is one of the most important mechanisms in a woman’s body. It is imperative to ensure a successful pregnancy. It also helps in the purification of blood.

Heavy flow during periods is commonplace. However, if you are required to change your tampon or sanitary napkin within an hour or so you must have a check-up. There are various reasons for heavy flow during periods such as-

Hormone problems

The heavy flow might occur due to some hormonal issues in your body. Every month a lining is built around your uterus which flows out as period. If you have a misbalanced hormone, the lining turns out to be very thick which results in heavy bleeding.

Overgrown uterus

Sometimes an external part called Polyp grows within the lining of the uterus. This also disrupts the normal bleeding flow and causes heavy flow. Also, Fibroid which is a non-cancerous tumor grows within the uterus which leads to heavy or extended bleeding during menstruation.

Ectopic pregnancy

This form of pregnancy develops outside the uterus which cannot sustain. Due to this pregnancy, an overflow in bleeding is also observed. This type of pregnancy is dangerous and can cause serious health issues. If not treated at the right time it can be life-threatening as well.


Sometimes we tend to take heavy doses or certain medicines without being aware of the side-effects. One of the major effects of such medications is the increased flow of bleeding during menstruation.

Child birth Recovery

Heavy periods are common after giving birth to a child. This happens when the body needs to recover post-pregnancy. This change can be permanent or your body might recover to get back to the normal period flow.

If you are facing any trouble with the heavy flow or irregular periods you must take medical help. It is very important to ensure a smooth flow of periods. There are various medications for various issues. One must reach out to the respective doctor for seeking help immediately.

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