Top 9 Tips to take care of yourself during pregnancy

Everything that the mother does affects the fetus: if you exercise, your oxygenation improves; if you eat well, it favors their development; if you rest and seek tranquility, it provides you well-being. They are good reasons to take care of yourself.

1. Get free time
We should set aside time each day for a pleasant activity: have a coffee with a friend, go to the movies, read our favorite authors, go shopping or enjoy a relaxed walk in the park. This time will be something like the cherry of the day. It is essential that, throughout the day, there is a balance between the phases of activity and those of rest.

2. Get up, a pleasure
Why jump out of bed at the first ring of the alarm clock? It is preferable to stretch hard, as cats do, before sitting up.

This stretch will make us feel better and will get the circulatory system going. For the sake of your abdominal muscles, lie on your side before sitting up. Once we’ve got our feet on the ground, let’s raise our arms and greet the day with a smile. Now we are ready to start the day.

3. Freedom for the feet
Taking a walk on soft ground, like a dirt trail or the beach, unloads your feet and back. It is essential to wear comfortable shoes without heels, and to walk in good posture: upright and with the belly tucked in to counteract the curvature of the back.

If before going to bed we apply warm sesame oil to our feet (two tablespoons are heated in a double boiler), we give ourselves a good massage and put on some socks, we will sleep soundly.

4. Goodbye to a bad mood
Little annoyances can evaporate after repeating the following exercise ten times:

We keep our spine straight, our muscles relaxed, we drop our shoulders and bring our palms together at chest level.
Next, we press the pads (the part of the palm where the thumb comes out) against each other, counting to ten, and relax.

5. Cervical relaxed
Sit on the edge of a chair, with your back straight and your neck stretched out.
Lower your chin towards your chest while raising your shoulders to the maximum.
They are then lowered by making twisting movements and throwing them back. We must try to bring the shoulder blades as possible as if they were playing. The exercise should be repeated at least ten times. The cervicals will be like new!

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